I provide all my clients with full body Exercise Sessions scientifically proven to increase fitness.

I exercise to move with vitality and power. 

I offer my clients added-value coaching sessions including exercise and post-exercise music because it’s smart for me and my clients. Integrating and adapting to new technology—whether ancient wisdom or the latest AI—requires a blend of discipline, adaptability, and creativity. Ritual exercise and music strengthen these skills and habits.

The human body is incredible, and through ritual exercise, we can unlock exponential energy. The human mind is amazing, and through ritual music, we can unlock increased focus and flow. Yes, this is about transforming the inevitable stress of daily life into thriving success. I’ve felt this expansion firsthand and have experienced the benefits of exercising in a trusted group setting with others who can serve as energizers and accountability partners.


  • Purpose

    Staying fit is crucial as we navigate the fast-paced world of technological advancements—drones, cyborgs, machines, and all. In essence, these sessions are about more than just exercise; they're about stewarding energy and preparing ourselves—body and mind—for the future.

  • Type of Exercise

    We've partner with a world class pioneer in targeted muscle stimulation. You'll achieve more in minutes than traditional workouts can deliver in hours. Our client sessions focus on Strength, Cardio, HIIT, Sports, Mobility, Recovery, or a combination.

  • Technology Enhanced

    Our 20 min high intensity sessions are designed to enhance mental, physical, and emotional fitness. We use innovative technology to tailor each session to your body, your goals, and your fitness level, ensuring a personalized workout experience.

  • Music

    I've curated a suite of playlists and software that provides music scientifically designed to get you in the zone, whatever zone that might be. These are designed for pre-exercise, during exercise or post exercise routines.

  • Private + Sacred

    These sessions are never recorded and never shared. Clients have the choice to join in stealth or identify themselves to fellow clients. Yes, there is call and response, but there is never any call outs. Join us in any way that works for you. The only requirement is that you checkin and genuinely exercise.

  • Optional Self Defense Add-on

    I was raised in a lineage and environment where acute situational awareness and practical self defense skills were necessary for survival. As an adult I continued this tradition into learning from various people skilled in these areas. While it's not directly connected to being TechnOrganized, it is often a place of great sharing and learning. Increasing my ability to assess, mitigate and navigate physical violence is another reason I exercise. I offer introductory courses in the subject areas of deep situational awareness and practical self defense to any client interested.

  • Cost

    Coaching is complimentary for all team members and clients as the costs of the equipment and training is included in your TechnOrganized subscription fees. For clients that have not yet enrolled in TechnOrganized, a ~$3,000 investment is required for home mobile gym. This includes body scans, custom suits, electro-muscle stimulation technology and basic weight / resistance equipment.


  • Habits Coaching

    This combines personal check-ins and live exercise sessions with Rolando as well as a personalized, AI-driven coach you can text.

  • Schedule

    3 to 4 times per week. Progressive 4-week programs including strength, cardio, and recovery. Sessions are published monthly.

  • Suit Up

    10 min suit up and group and personal state management (e.g., hydration, box breathing, clearing, intention setting, etc.)

  • Guided Exercise

    Guest experts bring us decades of experience. Get a full-body workout in 20 minutes with zero compromises. Activate up to 90% of muscle fibers vs. conventional resistance training.
  • Transition

    Cool down, clean up, celebrate. Transition to the next part of your day. 

  • High Flow

    Leverage music scientifically proven to increase focus, and other neuroscience-backed protocols to increase the productivity of your following work block.


Access the schedule in your client concierge.

Not yet TechnOrganized? Still want to Exercise?

It's all love. We have another technology enhanced program available that's been sponsored by our clients. Send me an email and share details: rolando.brown@gmail.com