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Welcome to a turning point in your career and personal growth.

I’m Rolando Brown, your guide to navigating the complexities of modern work-life using ancient wisdom and the latest in artificial intelligence.

If you’re a leader, entrepreneur, or professional feeling overwhelmed by the demands of your role, you’re in the right place. With over two decades of experience, I specialize in helping high-achievers like you reclaim their time, boost productivity, and achieve a harmonized lifestyle.

By integrating cutting-edge technology with timeless practices, I offer personalized coaching that transforms stress and burnout into efficiency, clarity, and success.

Ready to upgrade? Let’s do it together.

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Every 8-weeks I help two people decrease their stress, reclaim several hours of their week, and skyrocket their productivity. Benefit from a unique coaching method that combines the best of both worlds: ancient wisdom for enduring insights and AI for cutting-edge efficiency.

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Biohacking + Better Tech = TechnOrganized

How It Works

This is a customized approach to achieving harmony and greater productivity. I combine a deep understanding of smart devices, wearable technology, automation, work tools and artificial intelligence, with a proven set of protocols to boost energy, eliminate distractions and claim back time in your life.

During this transformative 8-week journey we elevate your operating system to new heights. As your personal productivity concierge, I offer a one-on-one partnership tailored to your unique needs, ensuring your experience is as unique as you are. 

  • Step 1: Understanding Your World

    We begin with a deep-dive discovery process to understand your personal and professional challenges and goals. This includes evaluating how you interact with technology and identifying areas for improvement. This phase includes surveys, assessments, and one to two calls to tailor the coaching program to your needs.

  • Step 2: In Person Concierge

    I work closely with you in person for four to five days, on-site in your home and workplaces. I identify immediate wins, set up systems, and introduce tools to stabilize and upgrade your foundation. It's about quick wins and setting the stage for sustained growth. This might involve setting up new systems, exploring time-management techniques, or integrating tools to help you work smarter. This step is about laying a solid foundation for stress reduction and setting a strong foundation for the transformative weeks ahead.

  • Step 3: Tailored Coaching & Remote Support

    With a clear plan in place, we move into ongoing, personalized coaching sessions. Depending on your progress, we adjust the frequency and focus of our sessions to ensure you're continuously moving toward your goals, and experiencing targeted positive adjustments to your daily routines and work habits. This phase is about deep, transformative work that’s paced just right for you.

  • Step 4: Review and Refine

    As you begin to master new skills and integrate new tools, we'll review your progress and fine-tune your approach. This ensures the changes you've made are sustainable and deeply embedded into your daily life, paving the way for enduring success and satisfaction. This includes creating documentation that enables additional support. This might involve creating explicit guidelines and protocols for collaborating and communicating with your assistants, colleagues, and collaborators. It might also include approaches for establishing better rapport with friends and family.

  • Step 5: Building Lasting Habits

    Our journey culminates in a celebration of your achievements, with an eye toward future growth. We will pivot to a focus on how you can continue to build on these foundations, ensuring you have the tools and knowledge to maintain your new level of performance and satisfaction.

  • Completion

    Throughout our work together, you’ll gain insights, strategies, and tools tailored just for you, designed to fit seamlessly into your life and work. We'll celebrate your progress and discuss how to maintain your new level of performance and–if desired–how I can continue to support your journey, ensuring you feel confident and prepared for what's ahead.

Practical, Personalized Coaching for Today’s Leaders and Professionals

  • Transform your overwhelming 50+ hour work weeks into a balanced lifestyle.

    Reclaim 10+ hours each week, reduce stress, increase flow, and significantly boost your productivity.

  • Progress on Day One

    From day one, expect to see tangible progress. Our meticulously structured 8-week program is designed to deeply and sustainably enhance your efficiency, productivity, and overall well-being. Early achievements will fuel your motivation, with each step carefully planned to bring you closer to your ultimate goals.

  • Personalized, Dedicated Guidance

    Consider us your concierge to unmatched productivity, guiding you through each week with strategies, insights, and tools crafted just for you. This partnership is aligned meticulously with both your personal and professional objectives, propelling you toward success.

  • Sacred Content and Uncompromised Privacy

    We prioritize teaching you how to keep your content and activity on smart devices private and sacred, seamlessly entering your life without adding risk or insecurity. Our approach ensures that your digital space remains a safe and private extension of yourself.

  • Collaboration Within Healthy Boundaries

    Our communication is unlimited yet mindful, offering support in person, through email, video, phone, SMS, and collaborative documents whenever you need it, all while respecting the boundaries that safeguard your rest, recovery, and private life. This approach fosters a productive coaching relationship that supports your growth without overwhelming your daily life.

  • Making a Broader Impact Together

    In addition to personal growth, TechnOrganized is committed to giving back. Each client enrollment enables us to offer a 50% discount to a chosen 501(c)(3) organization, broadening the ripple effect of positive change within our communities.

Who Should Enroll?​

TechnOrganizing coaching is ideal for anyone looking to enhance decision-making efficiency and focus, seeking better work-life balance, and aiming to streamline workflow and organizational tasks. I typically work with:

What We Offer

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Don’t let another day pass feeling overwhelmed by digital chaos. Embark on a journey that not only transforms your digital interactions but also respects your privacy and contributes to the greater good.


My name is Rolando, often known by my moniker ‘Grow’.

Over the past two decades, I’ve dedicated myself to enhancing the way individuals and teams harness technology for superior communication, collaboration, and personal growth. My journey has been marked by transforming thousands of lives through the adept use of modern web, mobile, and social technologies.

I bring a rich educational background with professional degrees and certifications spanning Leadership, Business Development, Product Management, Marketing, Software Engineering, and Peak Performance Coaching. My learning journey has taken me through prestigious institutions like MIT OpenCourseWare, New York University, Flatiron School, Reforge, the 8 Factors, and the Flow Research Collective.

My career has seen me in both operational and advisory capacities across a diverse spectrum of sectors—private, public, nonprofit, and for-benefit. Along this path, I’ve encountered significant challenges, opportunities, failures, and triumphs.

At the core of my exploration lies a deep-seated intrigue with the human condition—our potential, experiences, aspirations, and the dynamics of collaboration and conflict. This curiosity extends to how both ancient wisdom and cutting-edge technologies influence our personal and collective lives in the modern world.

My mission is to employ my skills and experiences to disrupt harm and replenish freedom, achieving a harmonious balance between innovation and adaptation. This philosophy underpins my approach to the TechnOrganized coaching offer, where I aim to guide clients toward mastering both ancient and artificial intelligence, thereby unlocking their ultimate human potential.

Contact me anytime. 👋

Rolando Brown is an award-winning Community Developer, Artist, Coach, and Consultant. With more than 20 years of executive consulting experience across a range of industries and sectors, Rolando serves as a capacity-building coach and strategy consultant.

His core areas of expertise include creativity, entrepreneurship, marketing, management, technology, remote work, strategic planning, and training. Before the global pandemic of COVID-19 redirected his efforts to becoming a fluent and competent personal transformation coach, he dedicated his time to leading Sales and Marketing at Red Bay Coffee–the nation’s premiere African-American and Women-owned B Corp-certified coffee company, which he currently serves as a shareholder and manager of special business development projects.

Rolando majored in Leadership and Management Studies at New York University, with concentrations in Communications & Technology. Rolando is a lifelong learner and continues to study human aspiration, collaboration, conflict, and reconciliation.

Rolando has served on the following Boards: The Advocacy InstituteParentsTogetherActionMuseum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts (MoCADA)iCouldBe.org, and the Hip-Hop Education Center at NYU Metropolitan Center for Urban Education.

He splits his time between Philadelphia, PA, Brooklyn, NY, and Oakland, CA.


Valued Skills

  • Artistic–imaginative, empathic, and invested in the aesthetic value of an experience.
  • Caring–one who takes time to be considerate of others.
  • Clear–possess excellent professional communication skills.
  • Coachable–a practitioner looking to gain mastery who is always a student.
  • Committed–grounded in practice, reflection, and renewal.
  • Courageous–one who learns from failure and continues learning.
  • Curious–a person who remains current and aware.
  • Data-driven–a professional invested in first principles and data.
  • Demonstrative–one who believes in leading by example.
  • Detail-oriented–a careful listener and reader, capable of learning, iterating, and adapting.
  • Discrete–one who is capable of adhering to standards of confidentiality.
  • Mission-Driven–an advocate for Restoration, Equity & Dignity.
  • Solutions-oriented–one who leverages both problem-solving and appreciative inquiry.
  • Team-oriented–views success as a result of collective work and responsibility.
  • Technical–a certified software developer and technical product manager.
  • Transparent–one who errs towards transparency.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

My coaching program is a personalized, two-month-long, collaborative journey aimed at cultivating lasting, positive changes. This approach sets itself apart from the generic, do-it-yourself learning available online and the large group programs that really struggle to offer personalized outcomes. In contrast,  offer a dynamic and fully engaged one-on-one partnership.

I believe in the unparalleled importance of directly engaging in my clients’ lives, becoming both a catalyzing witness and a helper in their day-to-day experiences, challenges, and uses of true school and new school technology.


In brief, my clients authorize me with powers akin to those of a Personal Concierge. Yes, my clients enjoy that level of personal attention and quality care. I witness their life in dedicated way for a week, helping them personally with their technologies, and then I shape a technical infrastructure optimized for their peak performance. Over the remaining 7 weeks, we collaborate directly to set and achieve a updated operating system. This form of total engagement allows me to develop protocols, routines and systems tailored to their unique needs and goals.

This in-depth, personal involvement over the 8 weeks of a partnership is designed to quickly integrate into my clients lives. Through this I come to understand and help them overcome their challenges. Generally, I look to convert potential into tangible outcomes and elevate both their professional and personal experiences. Beyond offering practical tools for stress reduction and enhanced productivity, the heart of my work is to facilitate profound, personal transformation. After we’ve completed a strong foundation for independence and continuity, we celebrate our shared achievements and determine if further coaching is beneficial. 

A: My coaching methodology is deeply rooted in a blend of extensive educational background, professional experience, and specialized certifications in fields ranging from Leadership and Business Development to Marketing, Software Engineering, and Peak Performance Coaching. I’ve had the privilege of learning from prestigious institutions like MIT OpenCourseWare, New York University, Flatiron School, Reforge, the 8 Factors, and the Flow Research Collective.

At the core of my approach is a unique integration of ancient wisdom with the latest in Artificial Intelligence (AI), forming the basis of my custom frameworks such as Technorganizing, AIDE (Ancient/Artificial/ Intelligence Driven Efficiency), and the Technology Stress / Flow Ratio. These frameworks are designed to guide clients through a personalized journey toward becoming ‘Technorganized,’ enabling them to harness both ancient insights and modern technology for peak performance.

A cornerstone of my methodology is being an ICF Certified High Flow Coach, which equips me with specialized skills to help clients achieve and sustain high-performance states known as ‘flow.’

This certification provided me with:

  • Understanding Flow: An in-depth exploration of the science behind flow states, focusing on their neurophysiological aspects and impacts on performance and well-being.

  • Flow Triggers: Techniques for identifying and leveraging flow triggers to enhance individual and group flow experiences, incorporating feedback loops and high-flow activities that align with personal goals and motivations.

  • Group Flow Dynamics: Strategies for fostering group flow, emphasizing the creation of shared goals, trust, and psychological safety within teams.

  • Peak Performance Coaching: Methods to optimize performance, including setting clear goals, aligning intrinsic motivation with purpose, and fostering high energy states conducive to flow.

  • Application of Flow: Practical tools for applying flow principles across various contexts, such as sports, business, and personal development, to unlock individuals’ full potential.

Through the combination of my educational background, the power of AI, ancient wisdom, and the science-backed techniques provided by my high-flow coaching certification, I can facilitate transformative experiences. These empower clients to achieve optimal states of consciousness and performance, guiding them toward a harmonious balance between innovation, well-being, and productivity.

A: Our approach is backed by science. Goal setting, as per the “Journal of Applied Psychology1,” can lead to higher performance. Our target of increasing productivity by 20% to 40% is ambitious yet achievable and designed to motivate and improve your performance.

A: Personalized coaching addresses your unique challenges and goals, leading to better results and satisfaction, as shown in “The Leadership Quarterly2.”
A: Absolutely. Studies in “Occupational Health Science3” have shown that time management training significantly reduces work-related stress. Our focus on organizing your digital life directly addresses modern professional stressors.
A: Our methodology is rooted in proven research. Goal setting can lead to higher performance (Journal of Applied Psychology1), and effective time management training has been shown to reduce work-related stress (Occupational Health Science3).
A: We employ neuroscience and behavioral coaching techniques proven to enhance cognitive function and decision-making, as supported by research in “Strategy & Business 4.”
A: Yes, they will. Efficient use of technology and automation tools has been linked to increased productivity and job satisfaction, according to “Computers in Human Behavior5.”
A: Crucial. Efficient management of digital communication is key to professional efficiency, according to the “Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems6.”

1. Journal of Applied Psychology: “Building a practically useful theory of goal setting and task motivation: A 35-year odyssey” by Edwin A. Locke and Gary P. Latham, published in the American Psychologist, 57(9), 705–717 (link)

2. The Leadership Quarterly: On the effectiveness of personalized coaching (Jones, Woods, & Guillaume, 2016)(link)

3. Occupational Health Science: A Holistic Approach to Employee Functioning: Assessing the Impact of a Virtual-Reality Mindfulness Intervention at Work (link)

4. Strategy & Business: Neuroscience and decision-making (Rock & Schwartz, 2006) (link)

5. Effective use of technology (Davis, 1989, Computers in Human Behavior) (link)

6. Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems: importance of email and calendar management (link)

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