October 19, 2011

Commissioner Imani is an Important Leader

I value community leaders. Some weeks ago, I had the pleasure of speaking with Jakada Imani about his life-long commitment to improve the lives of people in Oakland, specifically his work in creating pathways out of poverty.

We spoke about the resolve one finds when they move into leadership positions that provide the platform to professionally express what they have long been exploring & developing. As a result of that conversation, I became interested in following his work with the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights.

It became clear to me that Jakada, whom I should respectfully call “Commissioner Imani,” is an important leader. There were at least 100 supporters present to testify to this at last night’s public meeting at City Hall. I’m clear that this presence in City Hall represents thousands of people who share Imani’s aspirations for Oakland.

I trust that this appointment to Oakland’s Port Commission will empower him with an even greater level of clarity and the authority to continue expressing and inspiring a special brand of effective leadership. I wish him, the people, and the city of Oakland, growth.

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