Father, Poet, MVMT Maker & Chief Cultivator of Grow MVMT. This blog is very personal. My apologies, if it's not all business.

New Year’s Goals?

Every year the team over at MVMT hosts a New Year’s Brunch, and offers a tool to the community. Last year we offered the MVMT New Year’s Guide. We created this to help you to start your year off right. Here’s the video & link to download the guide. Feel free […]

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Keba Konte Gift to Grow

I value community leaders. Community leadership often extends beyond those that we normally imagine—people democratically elected to govern or those trusted to manage large scale community based organizations and campaigns. Community leadership is found in artists, entrepreneurs, teachers, elders, social workers, and young people. One such leader is Keba Konte.  An Oakland […]

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Basic model for an effective MVMT Maker

Drucker’s basic model for an effective executive can be summarized as follows: one, executives must carefully choose how to spend, and not to spend, their time; two, executives must consciously choose what they want to contribute to the organization and ask their subordinates to make such a choice also; three, […]

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30 under 30

back in the days. it was great to be recognized. the impresario that made this possible was Martha Diaz, who so generously invited me to support her in her vision for community transformation. I talk a bit about this time in my life here. AWE Advance Weekly Entertainment November 30 […]

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“Where’s the Innovation?” Grow, Howard Greenstein, Wharton School Supernova Forum

Experimenting with Youtube’s new features, I came across these videos: An two part interview with Howard Greenstein (awesome guy), during the Wharton School produced Supernova Forum in 2007. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0WgnrNkx8vA[/youtube] [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3-5xSjRg18[/youtube] Story This was held during my time as the Executive Director of the Hip-Hop Association. In brief, our mission was to facilitate social justice, education reform, […]

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Grow Submitted to Lift.do

Below is the application I submitted to Lift.do. The text can be found below it. Summary: At 29, I find myself at a critical juncture. I am either going to commit to wholly growing my company,  or wholly growing myself within a company. I hope to achieve effectively making this […]

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“I’m Free. Not defined by what I am, but what I give to my community and humanity.” #occupy First, to Hon. George Martinez & Clara Guerrero: Thank You. [youtube width=”640″ height=”360″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3pl0pHJg_l8[/youtube] Occupy Wall St. Hip Hop Anthem Occupation Freedom, Ground Zero And The Global Block Collective People have either asked […]

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Commissioner Imani is an Important Leader

I value community leaders. Some weeks ago, I had the pleasure of speaking with Jakada Imani about his life-long commitment to improve the lives of people in Oakland, specifically his work in creating pathways out of poverty. We spoke about the resolve one finds when they move into leadership positions […]

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