November 11, 2011

Lift, Help Me Achieve Anything

Lift.do - Achieve Anything


Talk about #GROW.

I caught wind of Lift.do from a friend that thought of me immediately after discovering it for themselves.

I do not know how they came upon it. I do remember when they shared it with me.

I quickly signed up for a private invite to Lift in August of this year.

I do this often. Find some new technology promising to deliver progress, sign up, test it, figure it all out, and then share it ritually with my people. It’s important part of how I lead.

This week, I received an email from a highly successful technology entrepreneur named Tony Stubblebine.

His email came to me three months after I sent him an email explaining my genuine interest in contributing to whatever he was planning to launch next. He has a great blog here. I read it often.

Back to his email. It was an offer to everyone who had ever emailed him about Lift. An offer to apply for participation in a 4 week trial program being launched by the company.

The benefit was simple: they would offer me a coach, a tool, and a process that would help me achieve anything.

Sounds like #GROW. So, I decided to apply.

I have been re-imagining the next phase of my professional and personal life for a few months now. My work has brought me a lot of meaning, quality relationships, and thankfully, some successes. 

I took this invitation from Tony and Lift.do as a prime opportunity to express myself honestly about what I am now hoping to achieve. It’s a bit different than what I have historically sought out to do.

You can see that application here:

As you can see, the application they sent has sweet introduction text suggesting that they are empowered enough to help me transform from being super to being super human.

Who wouldn’t be moved by that?

My community knows. I’ve long hoped to achieve some reliable level of super humanity.

I have even spoken publicly about this aspiration in pros, on stage and in blog posts.

So, here’s a copy of my application for your review:

It wasn’t a perfect application.
I didn’t want to procrastinate and over think it, or even over strategize.

I just wanted to be honest, and ask for some help in strengthening my personal and professional practices.

It was invigorating.

Whether I am accepted into the training program or not, I trust this entire process is already proving to be a valuable investment of my time.

If you have any ideas, comments, feedback, let me know.


Rolando Hernandez Rodriquez Brown
Father, Poet, Cultivator & MVMT


“Be a contribution to those you choose to move with.”

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